Landscape Caught Between Two Artistic Tropes of Representing the Land & A Possible Way to Propel it Out

The styles I chose to render these two halves speaks to the entrenchment of western perceptions of the land being dogmatized in artistic tropes of un-representation specifically referring to the history of photography in the west that sold the land to colonizers and to the paintings of the Hudson River Valley School that influenced the formation of ecology as a scientific discipline that placed people outside of the landscape. The middle section of the image is where I have interjected the medium of drawing onto vellum which makes this piece a collaborative, hands on project. The vellum embeds itself onto the paper and in-between these two artist tropes but it can be taken off and interchanged with other drawings people have made.

Artwork Info

Type of Work Painting, Drawing, Etching
Medium Oil on Paper, Soft Ground Intaglio on Gampi, Colored Pencil on Vellum
Dimensions 15" X 22"
Subject Matter Landscape

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Tristan Matlock

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Tristan Matlock BFA General Fine Arts Thesis Spring 2021