Celina Coppetti Collaborative Design MFA Practicum 2017

Creators League

The nodes and edges of industries that outline the Creative Economy Ecosystem experience paradigm shifts similar to the way rhizomes change their shape and structure.The quickly approaching Fourth Industrial Revolution and succeeding Generation Z will have a profound affect on the exponential pace in which this economy is shaped. Creators League designs for the future of creative exploration by acting as an ever-evolving, rhizomatic, process of identifying and cultivating connections across multiple creative disciplines. Creators League is a web application that facilitates a more inclusive and accessible community centered around creative exploration by encouraging collaboration, play, and learning. Creators League serves as a solution to the current barriers and questions to creative exploration: how can seemingly disparate creative communities work better together, what are the tools that cut across all disciplines that will help decrease intimidation, and what are the cross-disciplinary tools that emerge out of new technology? By bringing creative industries together in one place the application will prevent siloing, encourage cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas, tools and processes, and cultivate novel collaboration.

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MFA in Collaborative Design and MA in Design Systems Thesis Works