Amber Marsh MFA Collaborative Design Practicum 2019

An Outdoor Introspective

An Outdoor Introspective is an attempt to untangle the complex problem of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoor recreation industry specifically within snowsports. Taking a critical look at existing structures and norms that surround the culture and infiltrate these small mountain towns. How might we support a variety of identities in these rural places, that since colonization have remained fairly insular and homogenous? It goes into discussing the positive attributes of nature and how it contributes to our human health. Conveying the importance of our human need for connection with nature, and why nature and access to outdoor recreation should be an integral part of all of our lives. The factors that contribute to the problem and then a review of the process, through insights from research, critical theory and lived experience. These things come together to generate key insights and reflections that have guided me through this process and led me to where I am now. It includes an explanation of what this project physically manifested into and discusses the aesthetic choices that were made in creating a possible design solution that incites outdoor recreationalists and industry people to reflect and think about the structures and barriers in place. Leaving them with a call to action to express their concern at their local mountain to advocate for change.

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MFA in Collaborative Design and MA in Design Systems Thesis Works