MA in Critical Studies Thesis Works


The MA in Critical Studies program examines overlaps and tensions between critical theory and visual studies, and investigates the role critical theory and art can play in transforming institutions and ideologies. The two-year required course sequence builds from identifying key questions and issues in critical theory and cultural studies, to providing students with the methodological, research, writing, and professional skills they need to ask good questions and to investigate those areas of inquiry in a thesis project of their own design. Students in the Critical Studies program complete and defend a master’s thesis, which is both critical and constructive. The thesis is the culminating project that each student must complete in order to receive the master’s degree. A Critical Studies thesis is a formal, research-driven work of scholarship that advances a sustained argument and thereby makes an original contribution to one or more existing academic fields.

Note: MA in Critical Studies Theses are viewable only to the PNCA community. Contact the library at for more information.

MA Critical Studies Thesis Collection Fall 2020

Hannah Bakken MA Critical Studies and MFA Print Media Thesis 2020

Kristin Derryberry MA Critical Studies Thesis 2021

Laura Nash MA Critical Studies Thesis 2021

Elizabeth Simins MA Critical Studies Thesis 2021