3.Battle On The Rooftops

The smoke and heat finally brought me to my senses, and I have stepped out to face the Fire Beast. I stand atop a building with my chair as my only weapon, preparing to swing as flames spout from the first head of the monster. Its many arms and legs straddle the buildings as it climbs towards me, it’s many heads howl with rage and pain as its body spews forth smoke and flame. Below me, out of my vision, you see another struggle taking place. The travellers, having entered the city, have encountered the fire beast. Ironically, the one who wished to sacrifice their friends in service of their goal is being eaten alive by one of the lower mouths of the monster. Their former comrade who they knocked unconscious with a rock outside in the wastes, and who they had intended to sacrifice to the fire beast in order to reach the center of the city, has come to their senses for long enough to dive out of the way. Above, I swing at the monster with my chair, overcome by rage and a desire for self preservation.

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Type of Work lithography, litho, lithograph, printmaking, stonelitho, illustration
Medium lithography
Dimensions 18'' by 24''
Subject Matter monsters, fire, self hatred, battle, wrestling

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Neal McCormick

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