10. Sovereign Of The Wasteland

I built this throne and more, including a house behind the throne with one of the archways as a door. I placed other buildings nearby for them to do with as they pleased. As the sky began to lighten I gently lifted their body, placing them in their throne with the blanket still wrapped around them. As their clothing had mostly been destroyed during the struggle with the fire beast, I procured for them a flannel shirt in the colors of the fire from whence they came and a pair of blue pants similar to the ones that I wear. I left these folded at their feet. The sun cracked open the dark shell of night behind us, painting the sky with vibrant colors. I knew now that my path was to tear down the walls that held me in, to learn to relate to my world with love instead of fear, to judge the evils both within and without with an empathetic eye. It is impossible to know the value of something until you give it a place. As the wanderer began to stir I left them, walking through another archway into the new day. I had much more building to do.

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Type of Work Prints, printmaking, lithographs
Medium Stone Lithographs
Dimensions 18'' by 24''
Subject Matter figures, cities, wasteland, monsters, fire, destruction, healing, self love, Monsters, hatred

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Neal McCormick

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Neal McCormick Printmaking Thesis Fall 2019