8. They Still Breathe

Upon closer inspection, I realize that the fallen person is still breathing. They are only unconscious, presumably having fallen a great distance and hit their head. For a moment I am struck by a strong urge to take the body and deposit it back outside my city in the wastes. What right did they have to be here in my city? But then I remembered the fire beast, driven mad by its desire for purpose, for a home. What role did I have in its pain? Couldn’t I, with all my many buildings, also lying dead and purposeless, have built a place for these lost ones? My old fears washed over me at the thought, but I found strength in a new idea. I have the power to create places for these rejected entities, and not only that, I have to power to honor them through that creation. I refuse to continue to propagate hatred by shutting them out. I set down the house I had been holding, picked up the unconscious body and laid them against one of the buildings deeper in the city. I covered their body with the blanket that had once covered the buildings, then set about my new task.

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Type of Work Prints, printmaking, lithographs
Medium Stone Lithographs
Dimensions 18'' by 24''
Subject Matter figures, cities, wasteland, monsters, fire, destruction, healing, self love, Monsters, hatred

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Neal McCormick

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