7. An Unexpected Discovery

Seeing this part of my city again is like seeing it for the first time. Vague old memories flash before me as I gaze upon the various buildings- the archway and gatehouse, the houses, the observatory and glass hallways. Once, long ago, I looked outward upon the savage beauty of the wasteland from this vantage point. Once these places I’d built held great importance for me, and I loved them dearly still. But as I folded the blanket that had covered these buildings and placed it on top of the first archway, I realized that I no longer felt such attachment to them as I once did. Though they hold my memories within them, they are no longer as important to me as they once were. They stand lifeless under the blanket. As they are, no one can inhabit them, no one can give them life. Experimentally I picked up one of the small houses. It unplugged easily, going dark. But then I jumped back in surprise, running behind the archway and peering through the glow. Something lay on the ground behind the building I had unplugged. It was a body, someone with long hair. A wanderer from the wasteland? Lost among the buildings? Where had they come from? Then I remember a briefly glimpsed struggle while I fought the Fire Beast. This wanderer escaped the flames, and now lay on the ground, unmoving. I leaned forward, trying to see them more clearly.

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Type of Work Prints, printmaking, lithographs
Medium Stone Lithographs
Dimensions 18'' by 24''
Subject Matter figures, cities, wasteland, monsters, fire, destruction, healing, self love, Monsters, hatred

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Neal McCormick

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