6.Uncovering The Golden City

The outskirts of my city are covered with a blue cloth, and a ghostly light shines through the fabric. I have not been here for many many years, yet the buildings still glow. This place is from another time, a time when I was smaller. When was the last time I looked at this part of my city? When was the last time I had even left the center of it? I realize that I can’t remember, that this city has grown larger than I could possibly imagine. Over time I have created more and more buildings, pushing them outwards from the center, creating an ever growing defense against the world. This labrinth of my own past is a place in which I have imprisoned myself in order to hide. Each time something from the wasteland tries to get in I build more walls, isolating myself further. I thought of how the fire beast was driven mad for lack of acceptance, seeking evil to be given purpose. Still not knowing what to do, I lift up the curtain, spilling light out into the gloom.

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Type of Work Prints, printmaking, lithographs
Medium Stone Lithographs
Dimensions 18'' by 24''
Subject Matter figures, cities, wasteland, monsters, fire, destruction, healing, self love, Monsters, hatred

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Neal McCormick

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