4.The Last Breaths Of The Fire Beast

Now our battle is over and I sit on the ground exhausted, my chair discarded. You see the Fire Beast, flames extinguished, breathing its last breaths on the ground outside the city. As I watch it die, a brilliant white light begins to emanate from the body, and the many spirits held captive in its shell begin to emerge. They float up into the air silently, intermingling with a vision of many houses. I realize as I watch them that the fire beast was more than one soul. It was many people, their desires twisted by some evil force and melded into one entity. The beast consumed more and more souls, growing larger, hungrier, and more ferocious, until It finally came upon my city. This is the place where all of them wished to live, the object of their desire. I kept them out, giving rise to their hatred and loneliness. The souls poor out, and gradually the light begins to fade. I am overcome with regret for destroying the monster, for not understanding, for allowing such atrocities to take place. The vision ends, and I am left in darkness, staring at the dying embers of my adversary.

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Type of Work Prints, printmaking, lithographs
Medium Stone Lithographs
Dimensions 18'' by 24''
Subject Matter figures, cities, wasteland, monsters, fire, destruction, healing, self love, Monsters, hatred

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Neal McCormick

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