Occupational Hazards

This work is a study that I read about occupational fatalities. It stated that 142 people died a day in 2014 and 157 died a day in 2015 just by going to work. This year the projected numbers put the daily death rate for workers in America is to be closer to 163 people per day.

This work depicts many figures hanging on nooses in an open spatial field. When I was making this work I think about all the people I worked with in the past. Good people just trying to make a living and better their life by doing their jobs. I thought of two different occupational hazards at places of my past employment. One worker got his arm torn off and shredded down to the bone. And another person fell into a vat of acid which boiled him to the point that his eyes exploded. These people just went to work trying to get a paycheck and their lives were forever altered and/ or lost. Their families and friends lives also forever changed. Most days I have a thought about those who will die today, not expecting it as they try to do a job. Close to 160 people could have passed away just today. It is something that is a constant thought in my head and by making this painting it allowed this idea a place to rest, for me.

Artwork Info

Type of Work painting, drawing
Medium latex paint, welding crayon, on drop cloth
Dimensions 4' X 3'
Subject Matter figurative, life, death, work

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Troy Mathews

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Troy Mathews BFA Painting & Drawing Thesis Fall 2016