Modus Operandi

This work followed the black body problem. I was thinking about the Higgs Boson Particle and the CERN large hadron collider experiments that they did in the Geneva Switzerland.

Before these experiments of particles colliding into each other, the scientific community was split between theories of symmetry and chaos. The results from the Large Hadron collider experiments were supposed to help find the Higgs Boson Particle,
And also give us the data that would solve the debate between symmetry and chaos theory.

But what came out of the experiment was that the “truth” is somewhere between chaos and symmetry. The imaginary line that had divided the scientific community into two was wrong. All the data pointed to something new, that was almost right between the two ways of thinking.

When working on this painting I was thinking about how we understand and that often time there is a duality to most of our lives, but the truth is somewhere between it.

As humans, we try to understanding things by using a Modus Operandi. By using a different method we organizing and putting information into a way of symmetry or systems so that we can understand it.
Little do we as humans side with chaos and if/ when we do, we protest or stand up for another way of doing something because it does not fit with our own systems.
With all revolutions, there is a bit of chaos but it always comes back to a way of organization.

With this work, the most important part for me is the gray empty space between the figures in the background and the foreground. It is the space between, which in my mind allows for new ways of thinking to happen.
It was important to me to also depict it from behind the perspective those trying to enforce order. For me, if something threatening or chaotic was to happen at this moment in time I wouldn’t hesitate to call the police to have order restored. Even though I don’t agree with every police officer and every way of policing I do however more often side with the idea of having an order in the society that I live in. There have been many times that I have called the cops to deal with an issue that was causing chaos or disorder and I think that is something that most viewer can relate to.

Artwork Info

Type of Work painting, drawing
Medium latex paint, welding crayon, on drop cloth
Dimensions 5' X 6'
Subject Matter Science, CERN, Higgs Boson Particle, Modus Operandi, figurative,

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Troy Mathews

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