Flash Pass

This is a work about social economic, roller coaster, access, and privilege.
This work was inspired by a trip to California over spring break there I was able to have the privilege to attend a theme park. After a frustrating morning of standing in long lines, we made the decision to inquire about paying to cut the lines. A system error gave us a golden ticket which was called the flash pass. This flash pass granted us unlimited access to any ride without having to wait. As we repeatedly cut people who were standing in the lines for over an hour for a single ride, I couldn’t help but think of all duality of experiences that I was having in the same day. As we continued to explore more of California during the break, I would also notice see signs informing us as we drove that there were points on the highway where people maybe crossing and to be aware.

When I returned from the trip I went to the studio and I painted the background of what it look like to me, to stand in the line. Both the perspectives of looking the back of the line looking to the front and at the same time being at the front of the line looking at the back of the line.

A sea of faces, people who all were waiting to experience the same thing. I then drew Pablo Picasso’s Two women on the beach. To make this figures my own I drew them from the opposite perspective of Pablo Picasso.

For me, these figures represent the struggle to get ahead in life and the freedom of breaking the rule and expectations. When those figures are paired with the yellow word Caution above them, they connection for me to the highway signs I saw. Bring forth ideas of those who cross our borders to escape different forms of oppression to have a better life. That they are willing to break the rules and often pay for that privilege.

Artwork Info

Type of Work painting, drawing
Medium latex paint, welding crayon, on drop cloth
Dimensions 4' X 5'
Subject Matter freedom, rollercoasters, social economics, figures, picasso, justice

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Troy Mathews

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Troy Mathews BFA Painting & Drawing Thesis Fall 2016