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Meet Faye. She loves all things cute; if it’s pastel, soft, feminine, and/or kawaii, she’s all in. Faye is kind, compassionate, and always laughing. Definitely the mom friend of the group, all she wants is to bring a smile to your face. She feels that if her small acts of kindness have the potential to rub off on those she shares her time with, then she has helped in making the world feel a little less abrasive. Her favorite things to partake in are those small, heartfelt actions that remind those around you that you love them; be it in the form of hand-written letters, little sentimental gifts, tucking that stray hair back behind your ear, or a good morning text.

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Type of Work Illustration
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Zoe Geare

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Zoe Geare BFA Illustration Thesis Fall 2020