Glenn Adamson, "Craft in the 21st Century: Directions and Displacements"

Glenn Adamson presents the lecture, "Craft in the 21st Century: Directions and Displacements"" at University of Oregon's White Stag Building.

Glenn Adamson is one of the most dynamic theorists currently considering craft. A leading force in the development of an academic framework for craft, he is hailed by writer and historian Garth Clark as “one of craft’s fresh, young, nontraditional voices.” Adamson dispenses with clichéd approaches to craft theory, posing such questions as: “Is craft truly a subcategory of art, or rather its antithesis, challenging art’s most fundamental values?” “Why is craft perceived as subservient to art?” “Could craft’s orphaned status actually be its great strength?” Framing his discussion broadly throughout contemporary aesthetic culture, Adamson provides ripe context for a range of visual practitioners – including fine artists, designers, architects, historians and indie crafters. Free and open to the public.

Co-presented by School of Architecture and Allied Arts, University of Oregon

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CraftPerspectives Lecture: Glenn Adamson