Jacques Rancière

PNCA+FIVE Idea Studios Lecture, February 29, 2008

Jacques Rancière, the influential French philosopher, critic, and political theorist lectured at PNCA. Introduced by PNCA Faculty Anne-Marie Oliver, Rancière’s lecture “What Makes Images Unacceptable?”, was part of the PNCA+FIVE Idea Studios program.

One of the most stimulating thinkers of our time, Jacques Rancière possesses a restless intelligence. The French philosopher has written over 20 books since the mid ’70s — including Reading Capital (1968) with Louis Althusser — and has lectured widely at universities and more recently, at art events including the Frieze Art Fair and the Moscow Biennale. The lecture is part of a series of Idea Studios programs, generating from the College’s innovative Ford Institute of Visual Education (FIVE). Idea Studios engages leading thinkers and artists from a range of fields and practices to enrich the mix of ideas within the College and its broader community by introducing new elements, questions, possibilities and challenges to the prevailing curriculum.

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Jacques Rancière

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