An Appearance from Quantum Shirley

Shirley Tse is Quantum Shirley. Or vice versa.

As part of Shirley Tse’s Feldman Gallery exhibition Link Quantum Shirley she will present a lecture performance on the ins and the outs of quantum art theory.

Los Angeles–based artist Shirley Tse has long been concerning herself with the polysemous nature of things. In the past, Tse has used synthetic polymer (plastic) to address the concept of multiplicities and competing ideologies. In her new work, Tse utilizes “Quantum Shirley” as a generative conceptual framework that allows her to produce work on an on-going basis addressing the multi-dimensionality of experience, and the negotiation of realities.
“Quantum Shirley Series” forms connections across different fields, histories and narratives. It weaves together personal story, New Physics (quantum theory, parallel universe, multiple worlds theory), trade movement of colonial products (rubber and vanilla), and the geographical displacement of Chinese in the last century (Chinese Diaspora.)

“Quantum Shirley Series” speculates that there is another Shirley in a parallel world, we just simply cannot observe that existence.

Shirley Tse is an artist-in-residence with PNCA’s Low Residence MFA in Visual Studies program.

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An Appearance from Quantum Shirley