In connection with Nina Katchadourian’s exhibition Sorted Books, the Feldman Gallery hosts Rearrangutan, an evening of cut-up, found and multi-media poems. As curator Mack McFarland notes of Katchadourian’s project, “The pithy results of Katchadourian’s sortings, (such as What is Art?/Close Observation), and their origins from a quotidian database, brings to mind delicately deliberate and condensed versions of cut-up poetry, which originated with the Romanian poet and provocateur Tristan Tzara.”

The evening’s theatrics will be organized by poet and man about town Mark Owens, and will included offerings from Lisa Radon, James Yeary, Tony Christy, Linda Austin, Weird Fiction, Leo and Anna Daedalus, Arnold Kemp and Mark Owens.

Free and open to the public.

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