Capable Potential

This work is about my thoughts of the power that people have. The most powerful thing I think any group of people can do is a general strike as a way of protest. A recurring thought I have is that the most dangerous thought in society today is to do nothing.

This sounds like an oxymoronic thought but it is my belief that if a large part of the working force was to stop laboring for a large part of time, that the people would be able to realize just how much power they have. Just like Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo’s painting The Fourth Estate 1901, my work also depicts a symbol of a strike. But unlike his work my figures are static and solid in their place filled with potential to enact their power. The looseness of the lines represents for me that these figures are placeholders that anyone could stand fast in.
Also while making this work I thought about a quote by John Lennon “The people have the power. All we have to do is awaken the power in the people.”

Artwork Info

Type of Work painting, drawing
Medium latex paint, welding crayon, on drop cloth
Dimensions 5' X 6'
Subject Matter figurative, equality, work, general strike,

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Troy Mathews

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Troy Mathews BFA Painting & Drawing Thesis Fall 2016