Cai Veronda BFA Animated Arts Thesis Spring 2017

Lungs Obligatory

In America, it is a common misconception that games are purely power fantasies. While a common trope, it’s also used to explore powerlessness as well. It’s the idea of shared powerlessness that I wanted to use the gaming medium to explore this idea. Compared to other mediums, games are not passive. To experience the work, games need overt participation. You cannot be a bystander.

Lungs Obligatory​ provides an example of what it’s like to have an anxiety disorder for those who cannot experience it. By experiencing it through the character, Iyi, they explore the world and interact with non-linear mechanics such as dialogue branching. Dialogue branching and its’ sibling mechanic, multiple choice, are interesting when multiple choices are presented in games — despite if the player is playing themselves or roleplaying as someone else — it’ll be clear from the context what the correct answer is to work towards. For those who have an anxiety disorder however, this is not the case. Multiple choice questions with an obvious solution might be presented but your mind won’t be able to connect the choices presented with their intended meaning. A normal life is lived experiencing many different genres in your life. Those with anxiety disorders however, may find their brain stuck in the horror setting.

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Spring 2017