Joaquin Golez BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2017


WE ARE LIVING IN A UNIQUE TIME coined by creatives, techsperts, and marketing professionals as the experience era. Impermanent, user generated content is quickly setting a new standard for how we relate to commerce, entertainment and one another. The barrier between digital and physical life is vague, and the way that we receive and express data is becoming personalized, embedded, and adaptive in a completely new way. We’re emotional and tactile beings. We thrive on positive interconnectivity that stimulates our love for storytelling, play, and creative intervention. Now, we are asking our technology to nurture the playful, creative aspirations we seek in our environmental interactions. It is with these factors in mind that I was inspired to design an interactive entertainment experience called Sprites. Sprites is a concept design for a mixed reality mobile game. To articulate my concept, I have created a proof of concept digital pitch describing the characters, mechanics, gameplay and aesthetic vision of Sprites.

My goal in developing this concept is to respond to our technological revolution in experience and virtual play, through engaging the beloved medium of gaming. Gameplay in Sprites, is founded upon the act of being personally and collectively creative. Players build virtual structures, set in their physical world, to house personalized characters and make their creative mark on virtual space. The act of sharing creations and visiting those by other players is encouraged and rewarded in a unique, illustrative, and engaging gaming experience. With my sensibilities as a designer and perspective as an illustrator, I seek to present a novel and well developed approach to mixed reality and mobile games that is clear, marketable, and above all— fun.

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Spring 2017