Brandon Gould BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2017


My project was creating a pitch packet and three concept pages for a webcomic called Polemos.

Polemos is a sci fi war story set in the near future where robots invade earth and we use their technology to create cyborg soldiers to fight back. Its main focus is on the character relationships during the war rather than the war itself. It started as I wanted to try and create a story where the viewer grew attached to these characters and killed them off in the war because people die for stupid pointless reasons. It was a challenge to myself that as I started fleshing out it became more about the relationships between the characters and how they bonded over the terrible experience rather than being about just killing them.

For my thesis I created two character spreads for each human character one with three casual poses and one with three action poses to show off the characters personalities and created one spread of three action poses for the robots. Since the three pages I decided to draw for the comic were more action focused than dialogue focused I wanted to get part of the personality across in the characters actions so the viewer could have a basic idea of who they are without descriptions. I also created one environment of the humans base to give myself and the viewer a reference of what it is and where it is located. Finally I created an action shot to set up the three page comic since it jumps right into the middle of the fight so it gives the scene some context for what is going on.

The three pages I chose are meant to show off the brutality of the enemy robots as well as a bit of the personality for one of the characters. It’s meant to show off how I would draw action scenes to a publisher when I submit it as well as dialogue.

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Spring 2017