Hope Darby BFA Illustration Thesis Spring 2017

Mystery Women From Above

My thesis project was to create a 22-page, grayscale comic that serves as homage to Osamu Tezuka’s 1948 manga, The Mysterious Underground Men. The plot of The Mysterious Underground Men centers on the maiden voyage of a futuristic underground bullet train and the peculiar group of life forms uncovered during its travels. The manga was one of first few titles Tezuka published, and indirectly touches upon the current events that surrounded him during a time of war. My sequel, entitled, “Mystery Women from Above”, expands upon the previous narrative’s classic storytelling and vintage manga charm in combination with my own artistic aesthetic, characters, and narrative. My style of art and writing is a fusion of both the American media I grew up around alongside the great influence Japanese media has had on my work in recent years.

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Spring 2017