Elizabeth Karras BFA Communication Design Thesis Spring 2017

Blemish and Bloom

Blemish and Bloom is a mobile game that approaches female social norms, bullying, and social media with the intent to challenge them. The game is filled with narrative driven by multiple directions that dig into the complex battle our social world becomes during young adulthood. With a target audience of girls ages 12-24, players will experience social interactions based on female development. These interactions work to prepare the audience for these situations coming up in their real life. Experiences vary from gender policing, bullying, peer pressure, and self acceptance.

A girl named Allo goes to a new school and quickly finds out she hasn’t been over thinking her life enough. Another girl named Jenna who has achieved this world’s level of “perfection” decides to take Allo under her wing and show her how to be liked by many peers and be filled with self doubt. Jenna serves as the human embodiment of the extra trials girls feel like they have to go through to be accepted by their peers. Through social media, Jenna strives to get Allo followed by 400 people and validate her likability. Allo is continuously faced with choices to direct the narrative either towards Jenna’s given route or to explore other options that often involve less bullying. Allo will meet a handful of other characters throughout the game, but how close she gets to know them depends on her choices. When Allo learns Jenna’s bullying comes from her hypercritical mom, she is given route options to either take this new knowledge and replace Jenna, or help Jenna be free from feeling like she has to be perfect all the time.

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Spring 2017