Ashley Innis BFA Photography Thesis Fall 2016

This project is a performance of one expression transcended from one material through others to form a hybrid final visual output. Beginning with a photograph from a polaroid camera I engage with the expression repeatedly to create other visual works in it’s likeness. These different materials morphed into mediums are placed together for the finished pieces to address contemplation and recognition of personal perception.

As a very process driven artist I speak extensively about the chosen materials and how my interactions with them are emotions that become actions recognized as feelings. The final pieces contain light as a medium in different ways and offer a middle ground between two visual expressions to participate in looking as an inquiry and engage in seeing as a projection of personal associations and connotations to form a relationship and therefore understanding of the visual piece.

The drive for the pieces is to encourage contemplation and therefore investigation leading to discovery about the artistic expressions in front of viewers leaving an impression of the looking and seeing processes to place into other aspects of the world around them.

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Fall 2016