Nyssa Oru BFA Illustration Thesis Fall 2016

Zero Divide

Zero Divide is a digital interactive comic, exploring choice and family in the distant dystopian future. The story follows three young mothers, Runa, Dani, and Jess, as they adventure through the last city on earth, Esper. Zero Divide is a response to increasingly violent scifi media that began with the rise of action genre in the 1980’s. Zero Divide is designed as an optimistic dystopian story, focusing primarily on the strength found in familial connections, empathy, and dedication to nurturing mentalities.

Zero Divide is built as a hybrid comic-video game interactive narrative. The piece uses mostly comic language and layout, while the design integrates interactions with panels and objects on the page. There is additionally a path selection function where readers are asked to make choices between two possible story lines.

The combined media design and narrative work together to explore the intricacies of states of probability in observable reality, the influence of personal experiences on our perspectives, and the intertwined state of fate and free will.

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Fall 2016