May Reid-Marr MFA Applied Craft + Design Practicum 2017

Using Space/Making Place

This project was conceived and executed with the goal of creating a dialogue between individuals, objects and the environments they occupy – a conversation that I propose ultimately creates a sense of ‘place’.

First exploring place as a concept, I outline our emotional and practical connections to objects and what bearing those types of engagement have on placemaking. After an investigation of the design inspirations I’m working with, I propose an approach to design, called MAYWAY, that serves to increase engagement through building place and giving it deeper meaning over time. The case study in this investigation is the shared kitchen in the MFA Applied Craft + Design building, a space with a unique set of characteristics. Through physical alterations to the space and the production of an illustrated guide outlining my approach, I test MAYWAY’s viability as a method that facilitates stewardship and helps build place.

Because this project is part of an ongoing conversation, its timeline extends beyond the completion of my MFA and its impact will be fully revealed only after I graduate. Nonetheless, the implications of the known possible successes and failures are explored.

Both practical and philosophical, this project asks more questions than it answers. Ultimately that is the goal, to develop in myself and others a critical inquiry of objects and the places they compose, culminating in a deeper sense of place for us all.

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