C. Rory Homan BFA General Fine Arts Thesis Fall 2016

The Television is the penultimate symbol of the capitalist media that has raised our generation. It told us what matters, what’s cool, how we should treat others, whats important to do before we die, what drugs to do, food to eat, clothes to wear, and what we should be doing with our lives. It feeds us shinny new media we take without thinking of the consequences attached to it. It tells us what it thinks is important, and we shape our lives from it. Like a vampire that sucks your blood almost dry and then nourishes you just to take your blood again. We don’t want it to hold so much power over us, to take up so much real estate in our minds. We wish it wasn’t so responsible for so many things in our lives and we hate it for that, but have to love it too. We speak of hot dogs. They are a symbol of happiness, of nostalgia, ball games, backyard barbecues, Coney islands and 7/11s. We speak of destroyers and consumers who gorge themselves on matter, information and opinion. We speak of the electric blood that courses through our screens feeding us manifestations of memory, desire, conquest, humor, politics, family, cats, all the cats, innovation, technology, celebrity, hunger, literally everything. We speak of the Shwartzeneggers, the Ultimate Warriors, the Indiana Jones, the Tetsuos and Kanedas, Homers and Frys. The television, films, cartoons and commercials we have known our whole lives who change as we do, grow and fade through their continual appropriation, remixing and rebooting of our times. We want to use humor as a defense mechanism against capitalist, subverting, and disarming its power. We want to investigate and expand upon the feasting and insatiable nature of our culture, to understand and expand the phenomenological nature of the modern experience. From this overload of media our minds blend this information together and package it together like so many buttholes into a hotdog casing. We want to kill our TVs and build them a grand memorial. We want to have the courage to misspell. Where does culture end and self begin? How does capitalism both make and break our world? How do we live in it and how does it live in us? We decided to approach these questions together though the combination of our individual practices. Jack through painting and Rory through sculptural and video work along with collaborations that bleed through the lines that separate these mediums. Our hope is to give representation to the many different mediums that affect modern culture. Just as Stantz, Venkman, Spengler and Zeddemore had to work together in order to defeat The Traveller somust we, “cross the streams”.

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Fall 2016