Tait Simonson MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2016

Altered Place

Light. It encompasses our entire lives, provides life to us, and it marks the beginning and end of our life. The intention of this paper and my visual work over my career here at PNCA is to capture the essence and power of what light can do in our lives, the effect it has on our visual perception, and how with light and architecture, mixed with the hand of an artist, can create an altered place. I will use the writings of Yi-Fu Tuan and Alain De Botton to focus my research into defining space and place and the role architecture plays in the equation. I will build my claim with place, light and architecture, and their relation to space and the body. These three will then work in congruency as a foundation to which I will postulate and defend what I believe my work is doing, and how it is operates in creating altered place. I will then be explaining what conversation my work might be having with the art community and why it is relevant; the following will examine the nature of architecture, light, and place; and how together they make an altered place for the viewer to inhabit and exist within.

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