Brandi Kruse MFA Print Media Capstone 2016

Present Continuous

Present Continuous addresses common framing devices as a metaphor for moments in life that seem to compress time and space: things that have slowed the pace, allowed for vulnerability, and served as reminders for the beauty of disruption. In geometry and design, the window suggests permanence whereas the reflections within the glass present a less predictable, less temporal world. These immaterial and material intersections are much like life experiences that cause reflections and mental shifts. These moments are nowhere in particular with a great expanse of space around them as much as they are meditations on potential and possibility. If a pane of glass can visually transform itself into a portal into another world, then perhaps the place of intersecting lines and shapes, reflections and interiors, is a place for mindfulness about the type of everyday intersections that could change the course of our lives. The windows in this body of work call into question a world that has been framed for us and the act of renaming these prints texts points to a world that relies heavily on language as a means to understand, construct and deconstruct our world. I am rebuilding and revising. Without a narrative present, there is less room for analytical approaches and ample space for emotional response. There is a connection here between the tangible and the imagination, presence and erasure, past and potential, the written and the reader.

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Spring 2016

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