Devon VanHouten-Maldonado BFA Thesis Spring 2013

This paper will argue that the art of HipHop has become a new symbol of the “American dream.” Within the context of changing demographics, polyculturalism and the information revolution, Hiphop has become pervasive through popular culture in America, in urban centers around the world it has created opportunity for oppressed minorities to have a voice on the world art stage and the power to create change by emphasizing team work, community, identity, and creativity. By examining Hiphop in the context of art history and the information revolution, we may better understand why it has been so influential, where it came from and where it will take us.
|COLOR |, is a multidisciplinary installation exploring polyculturalism in the context of pop-culture by using the elements of Hiphop to visualize the cultural mashup of America. By referencing and appropriating specific elements of art history, |COLOR | draws an analogy between the way we understand history and the way that we create pop-culture in the context of contemporary art. Video, sound, digital design and painting exist side by side in this installation, referencing each other and demonstrating the way that in todays world of International interconnectivity, pop-culture is truly polycultural. The visual work experiments with the dissonance between analog and digital, between you and the other, and between history and the present.

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Spring 2013