Annick Junota BFA Thesis Spring 2013

The Elements of Nature Affecting the Objects of Nature

Drawing upon the research and writings of contemporary authors, and works created by artists of the past, I hope to gain a clearer understanding of ideas surrounding sanctuaries that have elevated themselves from the ordinary and shifted into the sacred. My thesis encounters this statement I have arrived at through experimental artworks, “The elements of Nature affecting the objects of Nature”. Within my experience of the sacred, there is a wide range of possibilities in which a belief or physical manifestation of that belief can change the understanding of what that viewpoint ultimately means to the individual. It is my goal to accumulate enough information through research of other belief systems so that when finally analyzing my place in the scheme of Pagan spirituality, I will be able to adjust the structure of the final piece of artwork, so that my viewers may gain a more open view of the work through the exploration of this sanctuary.

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Spring 2013