Hillary Murphy BFA Thesis Spring 2013

Composers and sound artists have become increasingly aware of the physiological and psychoacoustic effects of sound and have utilized them as part of an “expanded palette” of sonic resources. While some of these effects may be present in the everyday world or science, sound artists work with the unique properties of recorded, electronic and manipulated sounds to produce artistic and emotional responses.

Artist Statement:
Hillary Murphy creates original sound work that creates a three-dimensional space, incorporating various generated, recorded and found sounds in order to produce physical and psychological effects on the listener. Her pieces are narrative and emotional, removing her audience from their current state and into a place sculpted artfully for the mind and body.

22 minute audio piece that utilizes binaural, field, found, studio made, and electronically generated recordings. Creating various islands of interests for the listeners that spark literal and blurred associations with real-life spaces and objects as well as pull physical and mental emotions from the listener.

Photo documentation of Fragrance Lake sound installation. 6 speakers, varying in sizes on tig welded metal stands (placed depending on acoustics in room/space) around a chair centralized in the room with singular light illuminating chair for listener to sit.

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Spring 2013