Katie Mays CD MFA Practicum Spring 2013

Temporary Urban Spaces: Experimentation Towards Social Change

Design is any process of creative problem solving that employs decision making process. To understand the relationship between design and social justice is to look at what design does, as a tool to effect a specific purpose, while integrating an intention of social justice.

What are the needs of people that are not currently being met and how can something temporary within a city provide a space for solution? In this paper, I describe projects that address homelessness by creating temporary urban solutions, exploiting the leverage point of time. Through Right 2 Dream Too, Parklets, and Camps, we see the potential of temporary spaces in demonstrating a concept. A latent need, addressed through a temporary solution, has the potential to shift opinion, understanding and attitudes.

“Citizenry” is designed to foster deeper conversation about the role of the individual in their environment.

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