Nadia Buyse VS MFA Thesis Spring 2012

Adrian Piper Cover Band

Through the use of multiple visual disciplines, philosophy, and criticality Adrian Piper asserted her position at the forefront of racial politics and identity art through out the 1980s and 1990s. Now, years later, we are left to consider her work, and that of her contemporaries, and how it has changed, developed, or remained stagnant in old ideas or assumptions. How have new media, current world affairs, and political changes affected the way race is discussed and considered in contemporary art?

Through the use of hybrid aesthetic strategies and a trans disciplinary practice that includes homage, parody, and pop culture, while experimenting with various distribution and exhibition models, ranging from DIY performances to gallery exhibitions to viral media, I am hoping I can contribute to the revitalization of Identity Art.

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Spring 2012

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