Sarah Cloutier BFA Thesis Spring 2012

Bootstrap Homes

Miniature mobile homes provide a shelter and a step up for people on the street. For many, they may be the boost needed to get into permanent housing. Close one-on-one sweat-equity construction gives the artist an opportunity to put people in touch with other needed services, like life skills counseling, financial aid, and health care. They use local, cheap materials, easily found when in need of repair. They are an expandable business model, with creative commons-licensed designs available to anyone who would like to build their own or start a franchise. Communities can sponsor their decoration, and thus the artist hopes that they will feel invested in the project.

Lastly, they are aesthetically pleasing in a wide variety of ways. With the quirky beauty of these homes, the artist hopes to fight the image of the homeless as hopeless, drug-addicted losers who cannot take care of their possessions and who deserve nothing better than some wet cardboard and a shopping cart. Their imagery has already provoked discussion that has perhaps educated a few on the realities of what people go through when they lose their home.

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Spring 2012