Nina Diaz BFA Thesis Spring 2012

I, With this Mystery

For my thesis project I proposed to create a video installation, where by using myself as a model, I would visually reflect the image and form of the identity. Using the classical structure of painting as a guide for composing each piece, I layered images and video that correlate to my identity in regards to the past, present and future. Being inspired by the writing of David Sedaris. The poetry of Gertrude Stein and Walt Whitman, and video work by music video artist Andreas Nilsson and Peter Ware, I developed my own a sense of play and style. Play with language, words and story telling.

After researching sources that we use in daily life to define ourselves (family, psychology, environment, ect.), I began to explore the identity that lies beneath the titles and labels that society places on us. Setting out to find an answer, I learned that the most important part isn’t answering the question but maintaining a sense of wonder that keeps me constantly asking, “who am I?”

99 albums

Spring 2012