Taurie Davis BFA Thesis Spring 2012

A Different Perspective: The Important Relationship Between Empathy and Schizophrenia

This thesis explores the importance of empathy in context to relationships involving an individual who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Empathy is a key indicator for predicting clinical relapse in those with schizophrenia and is recognized as a significant factor in providing a healthy lifestyle. Through the use of three case studies, the various impacts of empathy are evaluated and understood. The representation of schizophrenia in popular culture is also addressed as it often leads to stigmatization and a lack of empathy for those living with the disorder.

My project aims to represent schizophrenia from a different perspective. Often, those living with schizophrenia are viewed as a disorder, rather than as a person. Through a series of prints, I present a new perspective by providing the viewer a look into the personal thoughts of an individual coping with schizophrenia. It is my intent to persuade the viewer into seeing those living with schizophrenia as more than their disorder by eloquently demonstrating the need and benefit of empathy.

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Spring 2012