Kara Caldwell BFA Thesis Spring 2012

What's Fair is Foul and What's Foul is Fair

Why canʼt we realize we have all made multiple errors in beauty in our lives over time? Why do certain things have to be ugly, and initiate a negative response? Why can we not be fascinated? Explore the world of beauty and ugly merging together. Why canʼt everything be beautiful?

These are questions I ask myself throughout my thesis project.
Experimenting with these questions, I grew mold to see if something normally considered ʻuglyʼ could be seen as ʻbeautifulʼ. I ended up with five transformative photographs of mold shown in light-boxes as my final work. In addition to growing mold, I studied many different ideas about beauty, ugly, looking, disgust, and the abject. Primarily focusing on On Beauty and Being Just, by Elaine Scarry; The Powers of Horror, by Julia Kristeva; and Thatʼs Disgusting, by Rachel Hertz, I was able to come up with a simple answer to my many questions: That every thing is beautiful and ugly simultaneously, it just depends on how we see what we are
looking at.

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Spring 2012