Brandon McWilliams BFA Thesis Spring 2012

Untitled Abstract Landscapes

The fabrication of a landscape offers innumerable possibilities. A landscape, after all, is merely the convergence of horizon and sky; how the two are placed is up to the artist. The traditional landscape is a means of illustrating the land by which the artist has found inspiration; it is a descriptive example of place meant to elicit an emotive understanding. What if the landscape were artificial? What becomes its role, and how is an audience directed to view it?

The landscapes I have created for this thesis work are representative of amoralism because they are non-specific and abstract. Much like the philosophy they illustrate, the viewer ultimately has control over what they choose to interpret from them. I have spent the past few pages describing amoralism and providing some basic examples to articulate the idea, and these images are an opportunity for an audience to visualize these themes. In short, the photographs represent an idea.

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Spring 2012