Kat Gifford BFA Thesis Spring 2012

Reason in the Night

My thesis consists of four narrative images expressing dreams I’ve collected. The four illustrated dreams were chosen because of recurring symbols, feelings, or meanings that I perceive as common elements linking them. Through research into dream theory and the current ideas on dreamwork and psychoanalysis, I believe I have successfully interpreted dreams into a visual outcome of psychoanalysis and translated the subconscious language into a visual one.

My thought is that the dream is the subconscious telling of the inner struggle and I am retelling those dreams from an outsiderʼs perspective. Upon this realization in my course of work, it became less important for me to try and capture the dream in complete accuracy and more important to pull apart the visual symbols of the dream and to attempt to understand what they may be saying about the inner conflict or the self of the dreamer.

This is why, though my work on this project is being drawn from narrative dreams, the images I’ve created are not designed to represent the narrative. Instead, I believe their function to be a reflection of the story that uses only the fundamental elements or the core symbols to hint at the narrative but also to focus more on the projected meaning of the dream itself.

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Spring 2012