Selina Bean BFA Thesis Spring 2012

The Practice of Everyday Living: A Quiet Revolution

This thesis is an investigation into utilizing the everyday moment as a pool of latent power and creativity. A sense of personal power results with the ability to weave the interior landscape of thought and emotion into the exterior landscape of physicality by creatively engaging the passing moment as a focal point for concentrated intention. By connecting metaphysical interpretations of time and energetic relationships of the individual experience as a precursor to physical manifestation, I am employing the act of attention and intention as medicine for the arts of everyday living. Artists like Emma Kunz and Agnes Martin, whose work has focused on the interior world as a key to engaging in the exterior world have been influential and supportive in this project as well as studies of the healing sciences, specifically physicist and energy healer, Dr. Barbara Brennan.

The visual work is manifested as a multimedia, process-based project. I have implemented a number of processes that have, in their individual ways, generated residual material for display. Laborious, repetitious acts yield a personal space that transcends the chaos of my life’s demands allowing for a strong concentration of feeling and focus to be embedded in the work. In many ways, the artistic process is a disciplining, a habituating of developing this strength of concentration to be carried into the moments outside of my studio. This work is meant to aesthetically and conceptually conjure the process of the internal space, giving rise to physicality, the cyclical process of taking in and putting out and the power and responsibility that comes with this gift of creative opportunity that extends to every lived moment.

Photography credit: Matthew Miller

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Spring 2012