TBT 2011, 28 Unique prints on paper - Detail

TBT 2011, 28 Unique prints on paper - Detail

My intention was to act out through art making a quote on insanity that is often credited to Oscar Wilde: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The piece is a series, currently on going, of black laser jest prints on white paper. The prints are created by printing images of plaid, specifically patterns pulled from my immense collection of plaid flannel shirts. Each print is a multiple layering of eight to ten images printed over one another until the paper turns black. Only ghost images of the plaid, where the patterns don’t line up provide visible evidence of the source material. This piece is concerned with the notion that the outcome of an event cannot change while exhibiting the same behavior over and over again. All that is left is black. Black is nothing, it is absence, or at the very least the absence of color. Black is the color associated with conceptually practiced contemporary art. I have made twenty-eight of these prints.

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Michael Welsh VS MFA Thesis 2011