James Jigarjian BFA Thesis Spring 2011

Hidden From My View: Spirituality in the Modern and Vontemporary Visionary Arts

Drawing upon various artists’ quotes and art theorists’ research, the aim of this thesis is to reveal the influence of spirituality in Modern and contemporary visionary art. Using relevant resources, I wish to argue for the significant influence of spirituality in the progression and evolution of the Modern and contemporary visionary art movements during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

It has been my experience that the influence of spirituality is often overlooked or disregarded by art scholars and art critics of past and present times. by acknowledging this spiritual influence, I hope to bring further awareness to the idea of spirituality as an important and prominent force. To understand the deeper context from which these movements emerged is to better understand where the visionary arts of today and the future of art are headed.

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Spring 2011