Eartha Forest BFA Thesis Spring 2011

New Church of Odd Gods

This shrine was constructed slowly out of found, borrowed, and crafted objects. Each object having it’s own particular meaning, I sought to create a story with their placement, so that each object might play off of the ideas of its environment and therefore bring new ideas to the table. In this installation, I am playing with the concept of the religious icon and the practice of devotional art. I am using known images as familiar signifiers to invite the viewer into a different world. The space I have created should ideally be viewed for a long period of time while I was alone. I encourage the tentative interaction of lighting incense or candles, perhaps leaving offerings. It is not meant to be immediately comforting but it is a sanctuary of sort, where one can feel overwhelmed into peace or contemplation, within chaos there is a calm. It should be pondered, there are many hidden things.

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Spring 2011