Allison Brook BFA Thesis Fall 2011

The Astronaut: The Perils of Outer and Social Space

Social Anxiety Disorder is the fourth most common psychiatric condition in the United States. Essentially, a person with this disorder feels unusually uneasy in a myriad of social situations; this is because he or she astronomically fears the embarrassment that could potentially occur while in the presence of others. Despite its commonness, many people are unaware of just how debilitating full-blown SAD can be. This paper attempts to highlight some of the concerns of a socially anxious person through the symbolic analogy of an astronaut. Space travelers and people with Social Phobia share many similar experiences: worry over how they present themselves, difficulty with communication, and feelings of loneliness. A thorough investigation of these psychological states attempts to figuratively show how SAD can severely restrict an individual from attaining any significant fulfillment from life.

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Fall 2011