Rich VanGogh MFA Print Media Thesis 2021

The Trilogy of Tragedies and Triangulation

Imagine a world without mass incarceration, police brutality, homelessness, free healthcare including mental health and rehabilitation, free basic community colleges, no one hungry and kids all given an awesome preschool and an equal opportunity to succede. All we have to do is open our minds and end Prohibition. This Trilogy of books was written to influence people enough to think about what happened and why, and help me to end prohibition. The first time we had prohibition of alcohol is was a very bad experience. As a country, we did not learn from that, instead we doubled down on the disaster, and spread it all over the world. My Art is not always social/political, but in this case it is. We have to get rid of the Harrison Narcotics tax act, and update the 21st Amendment. It has to happen to create the kind of society we want, need, and deserve. It takes some explaining, but once the light comes on, you won’t want to turn it off. I plan to take this on a speaking tour across the country. It will be available in an inexpensive offset litho version. Coming to a bookstore near you.

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