Sofya Radelet MFA Applied Craft + Design Thesis 2020

Shadow'd Wilds

This series is part of an ongoing process of discovery and reciprocity with the land and living things. It is made in celebration of the innate beauty of living forms, and for the elements that make up the natural world from microscopic to vast. 

I seek to expand awareness, and transform associations of plant and animal life, by working within the malleable realm of human perception and our age-old interconnectedness with the natural world. I propose a unity in both form and concept, between the corporeal, earthly material, and the ephemeral phenomena of mind and spirit.

Grounded in archetypal methods of weaving, building and shelter-making, this work expands into concepts of light and explores our long-standing cultural dependence on sunlight and fire for sustenance, cultural development, navigation and survival.

Today we are faced with new and urgent issues of survival – the continuance of species and of ecosystems. It is time to look again to our innate connection with the natural world for solutions, for innovation, for an infallible gauge of balance and for a model of reciprocity and harmony. In return, we unify our own polarities, and proceed as truly part of a larger whole.

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