Alexandria Vicari Intermedia Thesis Spring 2020

Something for Yourself

Something for Yourself is a poetic autoethnographic film mapping memory through symbols. Vicari’s work is full of nuance, contradictions, neurotic behavior, and feelings of being broke and broken in a desperate attempt to find hope and solace. Capturing the messy feelings and actions that manifest in the space between- thoughts about herself, her son, and the past that shaped her.

During Covid-19 Vicari has spent her time working on her BFA Thesis while homeschooling her 13-year-old son, Cash. Her film tracing and isolating attempts to capture her time up close. Giving intimacy again to the neurotic space between. She insensately checks the news, tries to file for unemployment, attempts to meditate, and thinks way too much about her skin. She worries about her son – stuck at home, on some screen, with no routine, and not eating his vegetables.

Something for Yourself:
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