Adrian Nyehart Illustration Thesis Fall 2019


Dabble is the story of Alma and Rose, two scientists who are only a day into retirement, and they are already bored. They look to their “How To Grow Old” books, but they’re not good at golf, they knot their knitting, and they can’t cook. The couple is somehow even bad at bingo. Alma and Rose are convinced that their retirement boredom will last forever. However, this quickly vanishes when an alien crash lands in front of their home, requesting their help to get back to space. Together, the three of them put their brains together and get Dabble home, leading to the greatest adventure of their lives. Through this, Alma and Rose realize that growing old doesn’t determine your interests, and that retirement doesn’t have to be as boring as bingo. 

Dabble has 8 finished images, and a cover. In total, the book features 19 illustrations. The work is full color and includes 3 handbuilt books. anyehart_abstract

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Fall 2019